ZoƩ Maria Guareschi


State University of Western Parana





Dietitian, Doctoral Student and Master´s degree in Biosciences and Health, working the pathophysiology of obesity and health-disease process. Has experience in handling and researching laboratory animals (rodents; obesity induction; static insulin secretion and isolation of pancreatic islets, histological techniques). Further, is specialist in Human Physiology Applied to Health Science and in Higher Education Teaching. As dietitian, has experience in Clinical Hospital Nutrition (nutritional assessment during hospitalization; nutritional therapy/enteral nutrition) and Clinical and Nutritional care (obesity care, diabetes management; physical and nutritional assessment, with emphasis on weight loss, sports nutrition and infant feeding).

Area of Interests

  • Health-Disease Process
  • Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Endocrine physiology and diabetes
  • Vitamin D Supplementation
  • Brazil-nut oil Supplementation