Lorenzo Barnaba



Department of Nutrition

University of Tor Vergata




Lorenzo Barnaba is a Nutritionist,at Nutrition at Council for Agricultural Research and Economics in Rome. And have a particular wealth of experience and skills in assessment of diet, energy expenditure and body composition graduated in 2008 from University of Tor Vergata with a 2.1 degree in science of human nutrition and am now an nutritionist and researcher. He  deal with diet, energy expenditure and body composition. In the context of energy expenditure, He learned the techniques of measuring the basic metabolism and the energy costs of activity through indirect calorimetry using, both portable instruments as k4b2.In the evaluation of body composition he used various methods such as anthropometry, plicometry, bio-impedance and hydrostatic weighing. he also a teacher in frontal training for teachers and parents of primary schools involved in the European "Fruit and Vegetables in Schools" program through training and dissemination in the field of food education aimed at consumers and school teaching staff through the use of new media.His  important achievements include working alongside the physiology and metabolism laboratory at Council for Agricultural Research and Economics - Research Centre for Food and Nutrition and contributing to projects such as TERRAVITA, BIOVITA, PALINGENIO AND FRUIT AND VEGETABLES IN SCHOOLS.

Area of Interests

Food and Nutrition
Agricultural Research