Arpita Doshi



Nutrition Dynamic Foods LLP




Mrs. Arpita Doshi by education Microbiologist and Biotechnologist with additional qualification of Medical Laboratory Technician lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Food has been her passion at very early stage of life. At the age of 8yrs. Ms. Doshi was found frying foods, however she also witnessed the consequences of how food can cause life threatening diseases like obesity, hypertension, cardiac diseases, diabetes and mental illness. This event aroused her to find a solution into food matrix as she knew that people enjoy food and by burdening them with medications was like a silent killing happening. Generation Z is highly demanding and wants to have innovative food with taste and convenience. To full fill this unmet demands where food technologists are struggling to understand the ingredients interactions in combination products and preserve secondary metabolites that imparts positive health building while developing products Mrs. Doshi has innovated 16 products out of which 10 products have attained patent publish status and 6 of them have been commercialized. Nutrition Dynamic Foods LLP is the brainchild of Ms. Doshi where mission is to cure or prevent Non Communicable Diseases in the most loved matrix Food and vision is to promote our traditional food which has been proven for its positive health building ability. Ms. Doshi is an independent researcher with ability of product development and commercializing them. Researcher helps in betterment of Science but Entrepreneur and Researcher helps in betterment of Mankind.

Area of Interests

  • Plant Based Functional Foods
  • Preservation of Secondary Metabolites in Food Processing
  • Role of Plants Secondary Metabolites in DNA Modification