Ammar Mohammed Hamood AL-Farga

Associate Professor


University of Jeddah




 Dr. Ammar Mohammed Hamood AL-Farga is Associate Professor in Department of Biochemistry, University of Jeddah, KSA. He is working on process development for a novel food. He holds a PhD in Food Science and Biochemistry from Jiangnan University Wuxi, China, where he worked on Physiochemical, Nutritional value and Antioxidant Characteristics of a novel food Alhydwan (Boerhavia elegana Choisy) Seed and its Application in some Food Products, the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination of China, 2016. His research focuses on development for novel foods in an attempt to discover more innovative foods of high nutraceutical values that can be used in other food product systems. He has published various papers (50) in high impact factor international journals and her work is very well cited by researcher's worldwide. He has Award of “Finding Future-star of Young Researchers Scheme”, 2016, He has also been awarded with various awards and honors' including the Doctoral Fellowship, Wuxi, China. He published more than 90 scientific works. Two patents (Under review), Reviewer in more than 5 international journals as well as member of the editorial board of Several  indexed journals.

Area of Interests

  • Nondestructive Detection Techniques for Food Quality
  • Usage of Local Herbal Medicines Extract in food industry
  • Exploration on a novel foods source to meet the demand with regards to the ever-increasing world population.
  • Discover more innovative plants of high nutraceutical values that can be used in other food product systems.
  • Food factories Management